My first attempt, and totally am embarrassment, at blogging years ago…how melodramatic laughable this is

This a very old and one of my first fatal and embarrassing attempts to blog. I can laugh at how depressing my life is here as it is no secret when you read these absurdly insane posts. Just thought I’d share this embarrassing work with anyone who needs some amusement. It is true though that I was obviously going through a rough spell at the time. Just how idiotic I am to spell it out so profoundly to the world?

go to and I hope you can laugh with me on these. do any of you full_moon_by_kovalvs    find your first attempts to post heartfelt feelings a little more melodramatic or embarrassing than you had ever intended? Please share your first blogging attempt disappointments with me. I’d like to hear from others about others’ experiences on the web with older accounts you never deleted for whatever reason.


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He's always after you. There's no where to run. You must just live through it...

He’s always after you. There’s no where to run. You must just live through it…

The best is yet to come:

**Check out Crosses (Chino from Deftone’s band) fairly new still song; believe me it’s awesome!*

Crosses, from their latest EP released this year: May 2014, Bitches Brew::Gotta hear this… 


I’ll post this and some more of my favorite videos you can’t deny are

“…wishing they’d never end-” songs.



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Journal tidsbits

imvisiblw man

@writingprompt: CHOICES-Reading Material

Judge a book by it’s cover (and title.) Or choose it if it has been written by one of your top 50 or so favorite writers. I think it is important to read all of a favorite writer’s books because when you find someone who writes in a way that you find impressive (i.e., their words are like a song you here that is so awesome that you wish it would never end); you want to know as much as you can about the writer and their versatility in writing, …
For me, if I find a graphic novel with a great title I may pick it up to read, or if it by Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Art Spiegelman, Bill Willingham,… I want to read it. I look for Titan Books and DC Comics, though not exclusively. I am on my was to reading everything by Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk (His sequel to Damned, Doomed is released Oct. 8…yay!!!,) and Mark Twain. Certain authors interest me because of uniqueness of writing style, because of the transgressive nature of the genre and style. I like science fiction, always looking for new good writers of sci fi. I enjoy good fantasy-like books, like C.S. Lewis Narnia series. I check out my favorite authors suggested readings and read those. Recommendations by friends and on are great ways to entice me to read a book, perhaps I had never heard of the author or the book.
To me, books are beautiful and bibliophiles, biblioklepts, biblio-s in general are the kind of names for authors of blogs i would look at. As far as books go, when I see a cover or binding on a book that has an intriguing look, as it may be in a special font or the art catches my eye, I will pick it up and read the summary on the back, as well as take note of the author and the other books he/she has written (in the front of the book.) I am interested in reading about futuristic sci fi, about politics, government, or courtroom-settings, legalese, that is. I like off the wall literature, like Douglas Adams books, for ex, currently reading The Great and Secret Show by Adams.


JULY 24, 2014 I have recently finished reading Fucked by PRUNTY (the ending was such a let down, I just have to let you know–but I loved reading it.) I read The Gunslinger Part II The Drawing of the Three; Also, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s Hocus Pocus, and Clive Barker’s Hellbound Heart. I am looking forward to reading The Damnation Game by Barker. He is so awesome. Still, I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for new Palahniuk releases, ALWAYS!



If you are a bookworm too, I highly recommend taking a look at and deciding to dedicate some time to the following websites for accounts to hold all your reading memories to share with others and to learn about/have recommendations on new books and reading material that is based on what you like to read or are interested in:



You can find on me and a list of books I have read with ratings and some reviews on under Amcii Cullum or just go to:



on LibraryThing, although I have barely begun my profile on LibraryThing, the few books that I have added to My Books, are few. To be proliferated upon…


Both of the above accounts which I hold were updated before this original post. This was added today, 7/27/17…

currently reading The Zombie Room by R.D. Ronald

#dailyprompt (from a while back) : On what Love Is

“Love’s metaphors: soul, madness, practice, and mastery of an art…”

In ancient Greece, there were several forms of love mentioned and discussed heavily about what makes up love. The is storage which is familial love, kinship; familiar; family

On our timeline of history, I see lost values in this area: loss of virtue, respect, dedication, responsibility, commitment, dependability, accomplishment and more disowning, emancipation, abandonment, just too much to excuse anyway. The family should not have gotten to this point and it is unfortunate, IMO. Traditions are being lost I feel and even I am guilty of not making a big to-do over holidays like I did when I was young at my grandparents or at home. It may just be getting older and not having children. I just think a lot is lost in newer generations. That in itself is a claim to my age. LOL!

There is Philia which is friendship. It leads to feeling of self-worth and identity, perhaps; it is a building practice. Eros is another kind of love which has to do with attraction and erotic love. Agape is a self-sacrificing love by putting God or a God first. It is the love in spirituality or within a church as it should have been. aIt is the love of supernatural, omnipotent, omniscient, creator, divine, divinity, grace/punishment (admonishment for purposes of learning a lesson only to become a better person from it.) We give gratitude, pray, get angry at, talk to as friend when no one else is there, depend on God. Finally, there is Xenia, not mentioned much in readings, meaning hospitality It is a ritual coming especially from Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey where it was customary to feed, give shelter to and allow visitors to take part in family goings-on. It is a custom-related value I also believe is held less and less by people today. Manners are not a foremost issue for people in today’s world. Emily Post, Miss Manners, setting a table correctly, knowing which utensils to use, chewing with your mouth closed, putting elbows on table, men opening doors for women on dates, paying for dates, actually courtesy, in general, towards public–all of it–is lost to a great degree, especially in larger metropolitan areas.

Our fast-paced world has broken down the family unit: meals are seldom at a table together anymore, people have separated/divorced/abandoned parents, homes are primarily dysfunctional in some way or another, not to say they were ever perfect, but there is a lot more drug abuse, less attention given to children, less mothers at home and more nanny’s or other raising children, less of a lot of the things we used to have and a lot of talking to people however you f((@!@# feel like, verbal abuse, anorexia, bulimia (with commercial female ideals,) less attention at home, physical abuse, alcoholism out of control (think this has always been a problem,) physical abuse that goes unnoticed, and more mental illnesses, especially we see more ADHD coming out with the faster paced lives and more stuff coming at us all the time. It’s becoming too much to take in and we are trying to adjust but children are more agitated, and restless in the classroom and less likely to listen to teachers but be distracted easily. Scientifically, they are finding this more clear and a direct relational cause sociologically and psychologically.

So, on love, we have affinities for things, preferences on things like colors, numbers, activities and hobbies, books, even people we choose to associate and find ourselves with. We usually have a particular affinity for certain subjects, areas of knowledge, places we want to visit, pets we want to have, fragrances we want to wear, places we choose to work (if we are at such luxury to choose-we do choose where we apply and where we do not apply.) It is unfortunate, tragic, sad, even alarming, that some choose fields of work that make money, not because they like the field or are good at it, but they want the money. I understand needing to make ends meet no matter what. Sometimes it is to make exceptional money however, living above ends that meet need and necessity…too many live above their means. When you end up making more money because you love what you do, and of course you do not love going to work, no one does really, but you give for your family first, the needs and necessities, make a better life often even for others, donating more, recycling, humanitarian involvements, you see more of this with people who enjoy the work they do and make good money. I have noticed this in my years of experience in meeting people and for some reason, this seems to hold true to a large degree. You still have your greed, megalomania, misplaced desire, and lust for things you want, selfishly. It is good to spend money to get out of debt when you can if that is a scenario you find yourself in, for personal life improvement. It is not so you can just have good credit but you can enrich your life with things you want that opens doors for yourself in the world obtaining things, material things, like iPad, iPhone, smartphones, Internet, automobiles, homes we enjoy and like living in, clothes that make us feel good about ourselves…

I believe love of people, places, things, just love, in general, can, like anything, be a misused term, and thrown around, too casually by too many. The opinions on why we love who, what, where, is/has been/can be/will be debated heavily for as long as humans want to ponder the issue. Almost all “Good, Virtuous,” valuable in merit thing can be and is too often used in a malintented way or weakened by those who do wrong. But love is a profoundly valuable and precious gift we are fortunate to experience and should nurture it, reap it, give it, enjoy it. It is part of man’s nature that, in his capacity to love, that it is a definitive part of growth in who and what he is, his essence, a defining part of his “soul.” what we truly love and how we love is a larger part of what makes us who we are, uniquely and beneficially to the world around us. Dionysus spoke of love as a growth in us spiritually, mentally, physically, in every possible way. (Read The Phaedrus by Plato) We become better people, we like ourselves better, we are constantly growing and learning, we are Becoming, in the Heideggeresque sense, to get philosophical, though this is profoundly a philosophical issue and has been debated on through the centuries and will continue to be for many to come I’m sure. I did enjoy the explanation I found in the discourse of the play/book Phaedrus by Plato. Please read if you find this topic interesting and worth pursuing more content on it. It is worth the time and it is not that long. Very thought-provoking, however, and the sentences make your brain work overtime a bit. Well worth it though.

There is much more that can be written here, so it may be continued at a later time…

An Wise Woman Said To Me…

“I knew a Wise Woman
And she said to me
That the river would mold me
And the wild wind would cool me
That the trickster the coyote
 He would fool me
That father Sun would warm me
Mother Earth would clothe me
Grandmother Moon would greet me
And of the old ways she would teach me
Wise woman, she told me
To always walk lightly
Tread the Earth ever gently
Lovingly so preciously
And take from her sparingly
She said, to share with others
What you have learned from me
Be still and breathe, ever patiently
For the web of life
Has woven what is to be
But you must still chose
Your own path, you will see
And lastly, the Wise Woman said to me
To listen to the Wise one
That dwells within me
To walk my path in balance
Is too be free
More than just words
So mote it be”…

#writingprompt Bookworm: The Mysterious, Magical Cat-A Complete look at the wonder of Claw and Whisker by D. J. Conway

I read a book yesterday entitled The Mysterious, Magical Cat. Sounds like a children’s book, eh? Well, it was actually very much a wealth of, hopefully researched, history of cats from the earliest of accounts drawn from cave dwellings, artifacts, and misc. documentation. The Phoenicians supposedly utilized felines as a form of currency due to their great value in the days’ society. Black cats were rarer and thus, worth a great bit more. Egyptians worship of cats extended through the Gods that were named after them and whose pictures were drawn and statue-like relics were made and found by archeologists. Bast was the body of cat and head of woman and was called upon for personal, gentle aid, often tied to the moon, as in symbolically representing the phase-change influence over behavior and action of cats. Cats, as described were like the sun Ra, another cat-God, as were Osiris, Sekhmet, Pakheth, Apollo, and others. Sekmet was “the great one of magic” and was always called upon for protection. They were protectors of the Sun god and destroyers of his enemies. In Rome, Diana, the Moon Goddess and protector from evil. Due to the austere stature and uncanny insight into people’s nature, especially in their behaviors alerting humans of warnings, not only of people but of changing or foreboding weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, and the like. Their instinctual abilities were well-noted by nearly every civilization and gained reverence and even worship through the 4th century BC when Chrisitian emperor Theodosius I outlawed all Paganism, decreeing that cats were beholders of sorcery and witchcraft because of their abilities. In truth, Chrisitianity, even to this day, has influenced societal superstitions and dislike or even fear of cats, especially black cats, because the earliest days of the Catholic church disagreed with any “worship-like” behavior or putting on a pedestal a creature so closely associated with woman. Hence, stories of smart woman and intuitive, instinctual creatures as the feline is was perverted in wide-spread lies that witches existed and should be extinguished, as were cats so described as having the fire of satan in their eyes, even capable of breathing death on humans. Thus, during the Crusades, cats were ordered to be kllled, each and every one. Interestingly enough, up until the 1700s it was the Christians who performed magical rituals, burning cats alive believing they would see the future and have questions answered.

The book, written by D. J. Conway, was a start to finish in an afternoon easily. I did not want to stop reading. For cat lovers or simply anyone curious about the history of cats, especially anyone wondering the whys of cats strong influence and affluence throughout history, I suggest finding this book to read.

Here I have given an excerpt from my Goodreads page on books read, reading, and to-read. Please visit and search for Amcii Cullum to see recommendations for good books among me and my friends and write-ups as comments/critiques on books we’ve read. You can follow me if you’d like.

frail frilly thing

the thistle-milk ooze let-down

and i thought it was a pretty flower

sticky and unappealing

wrapped in disguise

ribbon-laden packages making you smile

only for seconds

the thorns are small

they know the way

stuck deep into a fingertip

from what planet have you come

god does not spare angels when they sin

alien-planet heribivore seeds

always welcome here

my pretty moment with this feverous flower

found so frail still noxious

exhumed from below alien-trodden ground

i left the land that day


Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 17, 2014

hmmm needed to repost this one…

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won’t Decrypt Phones, We’ll Force Them To;  Whisper accused of monitoring users’ locations even after they opt out;  The best SSDs of 2014: A buyers guide;  All you need to know about Apple’s new iPads, iMac;  Speed up Chrome on Android with this handy hack;  Twitter Introduces New Way to Listen to Audio;  Which size Apple device is right for you?  Microsoft rolls out Skype 5.6 for iPhone; Windows 10: The biggest problems, gripes, and missing features so far;  Top free iOS, Android apps to learn how to program;  Firefox Hello adds video chat to Mozilla’s browser;  OS X Yosemite is now available to download;  Google reports $16.52 billion in revenue;  Drupal releases patch for serious SQL injection flaw;  CBS Announces Its Own Live TV And Streaming Service;  Steam’s biggest free weekend ever lets you play…

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Tell Me Some Things: say something please;)

Tell me about your blog and Any particular articles that are especially directed towards writers, avid readers, especially of transgressive fiction and/or gothic fiction.

Please leave a link to your blog so I can check it out. I love to read writing tips, prompts, recommended reading, anything relating to bipolar disorder, creativity, ideas, learning, ways of learning and how to blogs–I am actually interested in a little bit of just about every topic I can think of–so please, leave me something to check out…I will.

I will repost anything I see that I think should be shared in more than one place…please leave comments, requests, recommendations, etc. if you are a lover of transgressive fiction as well and check out my blog pertinent to the subject:

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