He's always after you. There's no where to run. You must just live through it...

He’s always after you. There’s no where to run. You must just live through it…

The best is yet to come:

**Check out Crosses (Chino from Deftone’s band) fairly new still song; believe me it’s awesome!*

Crosses, from their latest EP released this year: May 2014, Bitches Brew::Gotta hear this… 


I’ll post this and some more of my favorite videos you can’t deny are

“…wishing they’d never end-” songs.



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Tell me about your blog and Any particular articles that are especially directed towards writers, avid readers, especially of transgressive fiction and/or gothic fiction.

Please leave a link to your blog so I can check it out. I love to read writing tips, prompts, recommended reading, anything relating to bipolar disorder, creativity, ideas, learning, ways of learning and how to blogs–I am actually interested in a little bit of just about every topic I can think of–so please, leave me something to check out…I will.

I will repost anything I see that I think should be shared in more than one place…please leave comments, requests, recommendations, etc. if you are a lover of transgressive fiction as well and check out my blog pertinent to the subject:

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@writingprompt: CHOICES-Reading Material

Judge a book by it’s cover (and title.) Or choose it if it has been written by one of your top 50 or so favorite writers. I think it is important to read all of a favorite writer’s books because when you find someone who writes in a way that you find impressive (i.e., their words are like a song you here that is so awesome that you wish it would never end); you want to know as much as you can about the writer and their versatility in writing, …
For me, if I find a graphic novel with a great title I may pick it up to read, or if it by Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Art Spiegelman, Bill Willingham,… I want to read it. I look for Titan Books and DC Comics, though not exclusively. I am on my was to reading everything by Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk (His sequel to Damned, Doomed is released Oct. 8…yay!!!,) and Mark Twain. Certain authors interest me because of uniqueness of writing style, because of the transgressive nature of the genre and style. I like science fiction, always looking for new good writers of sci fi. I enjoy good fantasy-like books, like C.S. Lewis Narnia series. I check out my favorite authors suggested readings and read those. Recommendations by friends and on are great ways to entice me to read a book, perhaps I had never heard of the author or the book.
To me, books are beautiful and bibliophiles, biblioklepts, biblio-s in general are the kind of names for authors of blogs i would look at. As far as books go, when I see a cover or binding on a book that has an intriguing look, as it may be in a special font or the art catches my eye, I will pick it up and read the summary on the back, as well as take note of the author and the other books he/she has written (in the front of the book.) I am interested in reading about futuristic sci fi, about politics, government, or courtroom-settings, legalese, that is. I like off the wall literature, like Douglas Adams books, for ex, currently reading The Great and Secret Show by Adams.


JULY 24, 2014 I have recently finished reading Fucked by PRUNTY (the ending was such a let down, I just have to let you know–but I loved reading it.) I read The Gunslinger Part II The Drawing of the Three; Also, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s Hocus Pocus, and Clive Barker’s Hellbound Heart. I am looking forward to reading The Damnation Game by Barker. He is so awesome. Still, I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for new Palahniuk releases, ALWAYS!



If you are a bookworm too, I highly recommend taking a look at and deciding to dedicate some time to the following websites for accounts to hold all your reading memories to share with others and to learn about/have recommendations on new books and reading material that is based on what you like to read or are interested in:



You can find on me and a list of books I have read with ratings and some reviews on under Amcii Cullum or just go to:



on LibraryThing, although I have barely begun my profile on LibraryThing, the few books that I have added to My Books, are few. To be proliferated upon…


Both of the above accounts which I hold were updated before this original post. This was added today, 7/27/17…

currently reading The Zombie Room by R.D. Ronald