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FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won’t Decrypt Phones, We’ll Force Them To;  Whisper accused of monitoring users’ locations even after they opt out;  The best SSDs of 2014: A buyers guide;  All you need to know about Apple’s new iPads, iMac;  Speed up Chrome on Android with this handy hack;  Twitter Introduces New Way to Listen to Audio;  Which size Apple device is right for you?  Microsoft rolls out Skype 5.6 for iPhone; Windows 10: The biggest problems, gripes, and missing features so far;  Top free iOS, Android apps to learn how to program;  Firefox Hello adds video chat to Mozilla’s browser;  OS X Yosemite is now available to download;  Google reports $16.52 billion in revenue;  Drupal releases patch for serious SQL injection flaw;  CBS Announces Its Own Live TV And Streaming Service;  Steam’s biggest free weekend ever lets you play…

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“F#*! You All,” said the ___________ (character’s sex) “… all, said Whitaker as he wiped his nose

So, Here’s an exercise I’ve decided to take on today. It is a writing prompt, though not from WordPress’ Daily Post. Just some ideas for anyone interested.

Name the following characters, keeping in mind that you can plant within a name, a clue to their role in your fiction. (I’m going to write about them as well and do whatever I feel like as I go.)

-A petty, white-collar thief who robs his boss over several years


Whitaker Goldwater

So, as his daily compulsions grew to routinely go into the system at work, where he had learned how to make the offshore transfers into his other accounts from his company, Whitaker Goldwater began to ever-increasingly take those breaks of his. These breaks, which he always, when asked, had been intentionally for the benefit of a co-worker, like he was not only a chief executive member on the board, but a “go-for” in the office even though it was not a paid endeavor. No, his breaks were spent in the pristinely shining white stalls of the boardroom floor’s men’s room. He would quickly, as usual, though now, much more frequently, enter a stall in this ever not-too-frequented bathroom and he pull out his inner coat pocket’s little baggy of white lady. First, almost like a ritual for Whitaker, he’d take his right-hand pinky finger and dip it in his little bag of goodies so as to smear a good numbing bit across his upper teeth. Ah, the sweet sensation and taste and then the tiny bit of saliva running down the back of his throat flavored with his soon-to-come pump of motivation and drive and oh, the confidence…Yes, then  the left pinky finger would soon thereafter go for the scoop of the nail bump, which he now almost drooled at the thought of. Okay. He collects himself. Listens. No one there. Then, unlocking the stall, he stands erect with the renewal of feeling like everything was right with the world. Whitaker, with routine-at-heart, checks his face in the mirror over a sink before rushing back to his desk as if he had been in a hurry to get back to work, being the diligent and dedicated workaholic he gave the appearance of to all his coworkers.

It had been almost five years now that his slow drain on the companies’ billion-dollar accounts had been going so smoothly with never enough lost to be revealing to even the best of accounting teams. His breaks, so frequented during the course of the day, he must have appeared to be one of the busiest run-around desk execs around and it was unusual that no one seemed to notice or care. There was the proof of it all. It told his real story. He was the most talked about and most disliked man or woman in the office particularly because of his overachieving know-it-all attitude, and even more, his lack of communication, eye-contact, or true concern for anything at all having to do with the people in his life in which he spent more hours than not around. He didn’t give a damn about anyone and even more importantly, it showed that he gave himself the utmost respect with no acknowledgement or attempt to see beyond his own nose. This was Whitaker Goldwater, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, apparently striving to take on leading roles for his company or not. Perhaps the minutiae of drain regularly transferred via a virtual server he had created that when and if an IP address was tracked for information, it would redirect to multiple points on the globe.

Where this is going…I have no idea…just a briefling of an idea for a character. Who knows what plot would make it interesting. What will become of this? Are there suspicions or people in-the-clue-of-a-know about some suspicious behavior going on with this man? Perhaps, to be continued or at least revised and worked on and expounded or grown upon….

-An envious, bitter woman who makes her sister miserable by systematically trying to undercut her pleasure and self-confidence.