My first attempt, and totally am embarrassment, at blogging years ago…how melodramatic laughable this is

This a very old and one of my first fatal and embarrassing attempts to blog. I can laugh at how depressing my life is here as it is no secret when you read these absurdly insane posts. Just thought I’d share this embarrassing work with anyone who needs some amusement. It is true though that I was obviously going through a rough spell at the time. Just how idiotic I am to spell it out so profoundly to the world?

go to and I hope you can laugh with me on these. do any of you full_moon_by_kovalvs    find your first attempts to post heartfelt feelings a little more melodramatic or embarrassing than you had ever intended? Please share your first blogging attempt disappointments with me. I’d like to hear from others about others’ experiences on the web with older accounts you never deleted for whatever reason.


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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