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Main Blog (I really want to change the name to but I don’t have the money to change it at the present.)


 LitReactor (view posts for Amcii Cullum after paid membership only)

View essays on writing tips and proper form, book reviews, and much more on this site started by Chuck Palahniuk for aspiring writers. Search Amcii Bellamy or Anne-Morris Bellamy ( not many posts at this time; ashamed and embarrassed; writer’s block is a bitch, but I learned a lot from reading others’ work and critiquing theirs as well as the from the many articles beneficial to writers and open for all to read; that is, no membership required to read the awesome articles.)


Delicious      Search for amcii777 and look at DISCOVER for interesting articles I’ve “bookmarked,” so-to-speak on Steve Jobs, Apple, Mathematics, Particle Physics, and there’s even an interview by Stephen Wolfram


The Cult  This site is not only for Chuck Palahniuk fans but there is a great wealth of information on what he is up to and his up and coming endeavors. Occasionally, you can consider yourself lucky when you click on the site when he has posted one of his incredible and bizarre, to say the least, but exciting and thought-provoking, always, short stories. New short stories are posted  every month or two and are always a joy. There is a forum where fans talk about a number of topics. There is an incredible list of Palahniuk’s personal favorite books which I would call some of the best recommendations for books to read that there is around; it changes periodically as new books are added or removed so keep checking it. I’ve taken the advice and been through about half the books on the list and they are definitely some of the most memorable and favorites on my list of books read now. There is a shop with t-shirts; most of the time the t-shirts are available for Palahniuk’s books but now there are none printed. Keep checking back and be sure to send an email requesting a print of one you find yourself interested in.


GOODREADS Log in all the books you have read and write reviews, socially network with others on recommendations for books and read their reviews…sign up for free book giveaways, join reading groups, and mark books that you are reading now, as well as would like to read for your own notes and for your friends to see your interests.



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